From Inner Space

by End Wave

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(free) 04:23


released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


End Wave Austin, Texas

In the land of mix tapes, where short attention spans and flashy passing fads are all the action, End Wave hammers out futuristic music, waiting to be burned onto the brain of tomorrow's new iUnit.

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Track Name: Hold You
I can't believe what I used to see,
I can't believe what my eyes would tell me,
I can't believe in anything but you.

But you can do what you want to do,
You can see what you want to see,
You can believe anything, it's true.

We're so new,
I wanna hold you,
And like I told you,
I want the whole you.

You can move and then they can't
They've a soul that is vacant,
We have time for anything we want.


But what if my bad dreams come to be,
And you've got no kind of sweet spot left for me?
If love ain't free then tell me what it costs.
I've been in these woods so long, but I'm not lost.

We live to be and breathe to see
our lives coincide in harmony.
I feel your heart through thin
and then again.

Track Name: Get It (Like You Want It)
Get it like you want it.
Track Name: Yukka
So I spend all my time
To make the beat supreme
But it's not for a paycheck
I'd do it all for free

Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Cannot sit quietly,
Uh no, not me.
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
It is not very funny
But I can laugh about it
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
I've got a little money
So let's just make it louder

Never before have they seen the Lord
but they can make a face and they can fake the faith.
They can storm the shore and maybe ask for more,
They can teach the class that was kissin' their ass.
Never would've thought that it could be any better,
Never would've though it 'til I saw it in a letter,
Never woulda shoulda woulda coulda woulda
got 'em in the Autumn but I caught'em at the bottom
of the swimming pool.

Look alive, don't ever let me down!

Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Yukk Yukka Yukka Yukka
Touched by one angel,
Bit by another.
Track Name: Mob Law
So I pace back and forth in my living room
waiting for the heat of all these things to hit me soon,
As my stomach feels all churned up by my twisted world
I've pressured myself over some very impressive girl.
Every single day I've been in this sort of rhythm,
where I can't pick up on anything that I've been given
that I asked for, and should I mention,
there's hardly even any competition? Oh wait,

Just a second, I can recall all the times that lack of money
kept me from picking up my dreams as my mouth was running,
and it's kind of funny looking back at my pocket check,
I gotta get my big bad practice habits back.
I had a small bag, a little stash sack,
You know I couldn't wait to get the grass back,
and then fall off and sleep in ditches,
I can't breathe 'cuz I swim with the fishes.

Someone in this room saw
the clickity clickity clock
goin' tick tick tick,
You listen to the end and
that'll do the trick.
It's a long wait,
I've lost my way.

How many times have I come up with nothing and
stunningly given away all my cunning and
run from east to west with leggy,
never impressed when the petting gets heavy?
We ain't go no symmetry, I don't feel no sympathy,
Ain't nothin' goin' on here between you and me.
Maybe I'm too poor for my neighborhood,
Maybe you're too dull to be brainwashed,
Maybe you're too smart for my own good,
I feel a little too good for my own god.

Oh snap, the bank's got my numbers and
my credit all shredded up I'll never get 'em back,
So I'll wait six or seven months to get back in the system
Until I stop feeling dumb and that's when they come.
Somebody better drive me to the car park,
I'm waitin' for the red and blue lights to drop off,
And now it looks like we're lost in the wrong lot,
here comes a raving mad junk yard dog!

Track Name: Test Tube
New New Test Tube!
Track Name: Elephant
The people in the states
are bringing down the place,
They don't have very good taste
and they're taking up too much space.
You say I've got nothing in my brain,
Babbling like I might be insane,
I don't know how long it takes
before you find out how to break the bank,
But I wanna know...

How many thoughts does an elephant take to break?

We're on a mission, this was our decision,
To bring about attention to the powers in control.
Break another mirror and make another beer run,
But don't piss off the boss, get lost and fall off when you get old.
The scheme was set before the dawn of the internet,
Nevertheless it's been impressed in true form,
A babylon whore that would feed the beast,
False priest inset, hope lays to rest in a bed with the devil,
Heaven eleven, wholly depressed by the blood unleaded,
Until the roof caves through to the lower level,
Under the pain of the bad brain bubble.

The wolves are dancing like the moon was full,
Do not walk alone or stop to feed the trolls.
Can you try to recall what's worse than being ignored
by the ones in control? Would you bump heads with their skulls?
Do you really wanna know? (You think you've really seen a lot)
Do you really got it all? (Until they call upon the cops)
Do you really need it all? (Yeah, I think you've seen enough)
Do you need another go or another goal?

How many thoughts does an elephant take to break?

What's wrong with the thoughts?
What's wrong with the tank?
What's wrong with the bank?

How many thoughts does an elephant take to break?
Track Name: Take It Outside
It's gettin' kinda loud in my little house,
A little bit too rowdy.
We don't want to act like clowns,
Just maybe have a little bit of party.
Then one of you has had too many,
Or possibly a few too few, and suddenly,
You start to think everybody in the room
Is out to get you.
Well I don't mean to assume,
'cuz that would make an ass out of me and you know who,
but If you can't to be cool please do oblige.
You're have to take it outside.

Take it outside

We're chilling in the theater, trying to keep it groovy,
I might even feel up on a booby,
then someone's phone goes off
and interrupts the movie.
Heads start turning and eyes start burning
as your techno lamp is glaring.
You didn't even bother to put it on silent,
and now everyone is staring.
Well normally I would be real polite,
but right now I don't feel like being nice,
'cuz I'm nearly blinded by your cell phone lights so
You're gonna have to take that thing outside.

Take it outside

Well I know you don't have much to contribute with
so you try to roll up this fat nasty spliff,
and all I had to do was take one whiff and
I don't even wanna keep sniffin'.
You've got to be kidding,
You've got to be tripping, you've
got to be messing with me, to believe that
this could be a real substitute for that good green.
You say you got this from the grower but
it smells just like you pulled it from a lawn mower so
if you wanna go and have yourself a light,
You're gonna have to take that shit outside.

Take it outside
Track Name: (I Like) Your Body (A Lot)
I like your body a lot.
Track Name: Little Bot
I define this heart of mine,
My little bot, my living will,
beside my mind.

Give me your hand of claws.
My metal health is trailing off.
A dollop of waning insanity
wailing a lot.
Under the pressure froze.
A heart attack from speedy ohms.
An outbreak of fading,
leprosy laden eons.

I dedicate my time
to be a man of weighty ends.
A novel of failing,
never the meeting of friends.
Until you showed me how
to paralyze a moment, now
a few views of the truth
used again.

And I define this heart of mine
My little bot, my living will,
beside my mind.
And I can find this heart of mine.
My little bot, my living will,
beside my mind.
Track Name: Hell No
Slowed down and locked up
near the back of the bottom of the bottle
in the new millennium.
Explosions at the back of my mind
so immoral and horrible
I can't even try to describe.

When I was brought up I was a bastard of a baptist,
I never got away with anything but a slapped wrist.
Then going too fast once was all it took to forget
all the lessons that were in my song book.
I lost track of those homonyms and synonyms
and algorithms never found a place to be sittin' in my attention.
Now I find myself living wishing for a place to stay,
While I can't remember how they say I'm supposed to behave.

Hell no,
you don't know me.
I ain't like that

So one of my friends was coming to the jail,
Gonna bail me from my cell where I'm feeling kind of stale.
I can wail all around in my room counting dollars
on my bill while I chill in uniform colors.
Then they come around I understand that I've been handed
all these papers from the man, the magistrate is gonna mandate
that I pay for my mistakes and that's my fate and that's OK.
Wanna see the brighter side, alright I'll lose some weight.

When I was looking out for the bottles I was a poor man,
looking for that formula like tutti frutti soma.
Who the one in no man's land? He that was a nomad.
Who the one that walk the street? He the one got no dad.
OK so you don't wanna say that you've been living in adultery
So you're paying for an abortion on your thirteen week anniversary.
Can't even keep it up until Valentine's day or the birthday or
Christmas or some other shit that I missed but I won't miss this.

Hell no,
you don't know me.
I ain't like that anymore.